Our Story

New classes of antibiotics are urgently needed

Between 1930 and 1962 there were more than 20 novel classes of antibiotics discovered. Since then only two new classes have been marketed. Analogue development of existing classes has been the mainstay for the last several decades, and this strategy has proven to be reasonably effective until recently. The emergence of widespread resistance has rendered entire classes of antibiotics ineffective and physicians are now left with little to no treatment options. Hence, novel classes of antibiotics are urgently needed as a way forward to treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria that are rapidly spreading across the globe.

Why we started Forge Therapeutics

Forge Therapeutics was started to discover and develop novel classes of antibiotics. We are employing our proprietary chemistry technology to discover novel small molecule inhibitors of bacterial metalloenzymes. The scientists at Forge have identified novel lead compounds ready for advancing through lead optimization activities toward clinical studies. Working with our partners at Evotec, CARB-X, NIH/NIAIDBasilea, and Roche we will accelerate these activities in a highly scientific manner aiming to develop novel classes of antibiotics that address several of the bacteria on the CDC urgent threat list including carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter, and multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas.

Our History

Roche collaboration on FG-LpxC LUNG
$190.5M in total payments for novel antibiotic to treat lung infections
USPTO notice of allowance for FG-LpxC
Basilea antibiotic discovery partnership
Two novel class antibiotics and payments up to $334M
CARB-X award #2 for FG-LpxC LUNG
Up to $11.1M to IND for treating antibiotic resistant lung infections
Milestone achieved
Expands footprint to
new lab space in San Diego
Forge raises $17.5M Series A
MagnaSci Ventures, Evotec AG, Alexandria Venture Investments, MP Healthcare Venture Management, Red Apple Group, and WS Investments
CARB-X award #1 for FG-LpxC UTI
Up to $8.8M to IND for treating antibiotic resistant urinary tract infections
Forge and Evotec form strategic ‘superbug’ antibiotic discovery alliance
Combining Forge chemistry platform with Evotec’s antibiotic expertise
Awarded NIH/NIAID funding for
FG-LpxC program
Awarded ‘2016 Cool Company’ by San Diego Venture Group
Established labs in JLABS incubator
Spin-out company from UCSD based on Prof. Cohen’s metalloenzyme technology